About CRS

The College of Rehabilitation Sciences is one of the seven (7) colleges of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, the prime tertiary level institution in CALABARZON area of the Philippines, offering the BS Physical Therapy, BS Occupational Therapy, BS Speech and Language Pathology undergraduate programs and is also one of the two (2) accredited institutions in the Philippines, other than UP Manila, to offer the PT/OT Refresher Program for graduates who failed the licensure examination for three consecutive times. It is the pioneering College in the Philippines to offer an integrated approach to its professional level curriculum in the 3rd and 4th PTOTSLP proper years.

DLSHSICRS is a strong advocate for the empowerment and quality of life of Persons with Disabilities especially the children and integrates it in its student and faculty development programs. It hones the members of its academic community (e.g. faculty, staff and students) to community service as part of its educational and training so as to help aide the Philippine society in bridging the gap between the needed rehabilitation services at the community level and the rendering of quality care and consultancy by qualified rehabilitation services professionals (e.g. Physiatrists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists).

It is the pioneering College that opened the first Early Intervention Outreach Facility in the Philippines (DJPRES, 2014) for Children with Disabilities where a partnership model between a tertiary level education institution (De La Salle HSI) and public education elementary school works together to address the gap in rehabilitation services for the poor children with disabilities in the Philippines.

It also embraces service to the community by rendering free wheelchair assessment and prescription to indigent members of the community where free wheelchairs are issued through the sponsorship of Latter Day Saints Charities (LDSC).  It boasts of 4 out of 5 (in the Philippines) Advance Wheelchair Specialists certification of its faculty and intermediate and basic certification as wheelchair clinicians of almost all of its faculty members.




The De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) - College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) is one of the colleges in DLSHSI offering the BS Physical Therapy, BS Occupational Therapy and BS Speech and Language Pathology programs. It is the pioneering College in the Philippines to offer an integrated approach to it professional level curriculum in the 3rd and 4th PTOTSLP proper years.


With a firm faith in God and reverence for life,  and inspired by the zeal and compassion of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the College aims to be an educational reformer in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences particularly in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Pathology professions.  In this way the College can help bridge the gap between the continued lack of basic rehabilitation services for most Filipinos with disabilities, and the highly specialized and advanced levels of education, training and practice abroad.




Challenged by this Vision, the DLSHSI-CRS will increase access to education and training in the Rehabilitation Sciences (PTOTSLP) through alternative modes of learning.


The College will open its academic and clinical resources to the community and provide services that will help uplift the plight of Filipinos with disabilities.   By involving the students in these outreach activities the community becomes a venue for realistic and socially relevant learning.


Through the use of information technology, research and linkages with local and foreign schools, the College will maintain a locally and globally competitive training and educational program.


Most importantly, by instilling the Lasallian virtues, and by emphasizing the distinctive features of Rehabilitation practice -- teamwork and the holistic approach to patient care, the College will develop Christian Healers with a passion to serve persons with disabilities in all walks of life.



 Be an educational reformer in the PhilippinesEmpower the community in servicing persons with disabilitiesIncrease access to BS PTOTSLP educationBe a globally competitive school in the field of rehabilitation sciencesDevelop Christian Healers in the PTOTSLP professions



 To offer alternative and innovative approaches in the delivering the curriculum for the BS PTOTSLP programs (G1)To conduct community outreach activities promoting participation and involvement of the CRS family (G2)To establish linkage with local and/or national government and non-government organizations for the promotion and delivery of community service especially for Filipinos with disabilities (G2)To offer scholarship programs for the poor but deserving students in the public high schools of Cavite (G3)To offer certification programs which can help realize the health service potential and uplift the standards of living of the poor but deserving students in the community who cannot afford formal college education (G3)To attain local and international accreditation for the programs offered (G4)To establish local and international linkages that will strengthen research collaboration, faculty and student development or program development in the field of rehabilitation sciences (G4)To promote the enculturation of the expected Lasallian attributes to all members of the CRS family (G5)


As summated by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU)

 Highly esteemed and competent faculty members“Pull-up” program for academically challenged students in the professional education levelWell-equipped laboratories that are conducive to teaching and learning activitiesServe as one of the two institutions in the Philippines accredited by the Professional Regulatory Commission offering the Refresher Program for the national PTOT licensure examination



BS Physical Therapy

(established 1979) 

CHED Recognized

PAASCU Accredited

BS Occupational Therapy

(established 2011)

CHED Recognized

BS Speech and Language Pathology

(established 2014)

CHED Authorized (Government Authority no. 18 series of 2014)


(Under Development)


PTOT Refresher Program

(established 1996)

Accredited by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines

FCCPT-CWT 5 Deficiency Online Course Completion Certification Program

(established 2012)

 DLSHSI-BSPT Alumni Re-certification Program for USA Credentialing Compliance

(established 2012)

Basic / Intermediate Wheechair Specialist Certification Program

(established 2015)



Basic and Supportive Wheelchair Assessment and Prescription

(Provision of FREE customized wheelchairs sponsored by LDSC)

Charity Habilitation/Rehabilitation Services, Client/Family and Related Services Education

(Rehab. Medical Consultation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy)

Charity Special Education Assessment and Consultancy

    Available courses

    In this course, the students practice and improve on the basic computer skills taught in Health Informatics 1. Students will use Word Processing and graphic soft wares for their reports and oral presentations in Seminar 1 and 2 professional courses in PT/OT. They will also use the internet and the World Wide Web for gathering information on assigned topic reports in their Seminar subject, and for initiating group discussions with other health professionals. The students will also learn about the potential role of computer applications in documentation and administration, specifically documentation, electronic filing and paperless patient records.

    A study of the biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy of bodily motions and how they apply to individuals with emphasis on the application of mechanical concepts including velocity, acceleration, force, displacement and torque. Kinesiologic and biomechanical principles of the major regions of the body from head to foot and how they apply to bodily functions are thoroughly discussed. Kinesiology and Concepts of the Upper Extremity are given emphasis for the Occupational Therapy Program.

    Welcome to your to Community Oriented Rehabilitation Program (CORP). This is the last phase of your Community-based Rehabilitation Program. In this course, this will guide you on actually community work wherein you will be exposed in an actual community setting. 

    Course Description:

    This course will allow the students to design and implement program base on identified community needs. It focuses on developing and implementing formal structured and intensive education and training programs on basic preventive and therapeutic practices in physical and rehabilitation medicine.

    A major activity of the students will prepare them before they will immerse in the selected communities. Aside from conducting training of family members and health workers in the community, students will allow to conduct regular visit to assigned patients in the community for them to enhance their skills, improve their learning and understand their patients better.

    It will also encompass actual practice and immersion in selected community setting where the students will be given an opportunity to educate different stakeholders using varied teaching methods and apply the principles of CBR related to health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment components of the CBR matrix within the context of interdisciplinary practice integrating the Community-based Rehabilitation planning and management cycle stages. It will also enhance the ability of the students to identify and analyze identified community health needs, train key persons and development program for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation community projects.